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The dissolution of marriage presents a very stressful and difficult time that can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. Mrs. McCormick’s goal is to navigate her clients through those treacherous waters. As a Board Certified Specialist Her mission is to protect her client’s rights by assisting them in making informed decisions to positively affect their future. She takes the time to thoroughly explain the relevant law necessary for clients to make informed decisions. Mrs. McCormick also explains the various processes available to clients to resolve conflict: Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, or Litigation.

Family Mediation Services
Take control, save time, save money As an experienced family law attorney Mrs. McCormick has seen the long term wounds endured by families that choose to litigate. A contested trial can cause irreparable financial and emotional damage to a family. In 2006 she became a Qualified Family Law Mediator and began to implement new, innovative methods to help families resolve their problems and take control over their future. To learn more about family mediation services click here.

Mrs. McCormick is available to mediate cases at our office at 258 St. Joseph Street case whether one, both or none of the parties are represented by counsel.

Child Custody
Undoubtedly, child custody disputes are the most difficult issue in a divorce. The fear and uncertainty can be overwhelming. In the majority of cases, both parents want to shelter their children from any physical, emotional, or psychological harm. With so much at stake, you need confidence that your attorney possesses the highest levels of skill and expertise. The experience of your attorney is critical. Your family will have lifelong effects from the decisions made during the divorce process. You can rest assured that as a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, Mrs. McCormick has the expertise required. As a parent of four children, you can also have confidence that she is sensitive to the needs of her clients and their children.

Child Support
Certainly, many clients have concerns about the changing roles in a divided family and the obligation to support, maintain, and educate their children. Both parents are obligated to support their children to ensure that they will not be a victim of divorce. Since child support is a continuous obligation of both parents, the Louisiana Child Support Guidelines were established to assist the judges and parties in devising the appropriate amount of support for children. The gross income of both parties will be considered, as well as, many other factors. As a Board Certified Specialist, Mrs. McCormick has the knowledge and experience to determine the proper amount of income of the parties and their respective support obligation.

Community Property
Louisiana is a community property state. This means that all property acquired and debts incurred during the marriage are community property. There are exceptions to this rule but in general the assets and debts of the parties will be equally divided. Immovable property, retirement benefits, and insurance policies are but a few examples of the types of property that must be divided. The laws involved are quite complex and require an experience, knowledgeable attorney to ensure that you receive the property that you deserve. Mrs. McCormick has vast experience in reaching community property settlements for her clients and successfully litigated community property trials in numerous jurisdictions. She can ensure you receive a just and equitable distribution of property.

Spousal Support (Alimony)
Once spouses separate from each other and file legal pleadings, one spouse may have a claim for support from the other. This legal claim is termed spousal support, formerly referred to as alimony. Two forms of spousal support exist. Interim periodic support may be awarded depending on the income and expenses of the parties while the divorce is pending. Final periodic spousal support may be awarded if the requesting spouse is free from fault in the dissolution of the marriage, and does not have sufficient means of support. Mrs. McCormick can examine your case and determine if you are entitled to either interim periodic spousal support and/or final periodic spousal support.

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