Custody cases in Louisiana are a common part of family law, but many times the men involved in them aren’t aware of their right and responsibilities. Ignorance of the law in family cases can mean losing the right to your child forever, especially when a child is being born out of wedlock.
A common misconception is that being listed on a birth certificate means you have rights to the child. Unfortunately, this can only be used as evidence in family law cases and does not ensure paternity rights.
As the law in Louisiana stands, a father has no rights to an unborn child. This includes the mother’s decision to terminate the pregnancy. It applies to married couples as well. If a divorce takes place the father must establish his custody rights or he will be at the same disadvantage.
Legally, nothing can take place until the child in question is born. Fathers expecting a child out of wedlock can take a proactive measure to preserve their paternal rights when the child is born by registering the Punitive Father Registry maintained by the Louisiana Vital Records Registry. This ensures that the father of the child will then be notified in the event the child is put up for adoption.
The legal proceedings that follow will establish parental fitness and custody rights. On top of financial strain, the fear and uncertainty can be emotionally overwhelming for the father. With so much at stake, you need confidence that your attorney possesses the highest levels of skill and expertise. At McCormick & McCormick, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist a father in asserting his rights to his child.
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